How to Decide Where to Put Small Tattoo Designs |

Not everybody wants tattoos that are highly noticeable. This is why many choose small tattoo designs. There are many designs that are perfect for the smaller tattoo. Designs that are precisely executed will look good no matter whether they are large or small.It must be remembered that small tattoo designs are actually best for certain areas. If you think about a small tattoo right in the middle of your back it becomes obvious this will not work very well. In such a place smaller designs will be completely lost in a big expanse of flesh. However, if you place the exact same tattoo on your lower back or neck it should immediately look more balanced.Balance is very important. Tattoo artists are well aware that small designs, no matter how attractive, have to be placed in such a way they look in proportion to that part of the body. There are specific parts of the body that must have smaller tattoos. There are a lot of people who sport finger tattoos. Instead of a ring they have a tattoo. These kinds of designs can be plain or intricate and they can be inked onto one or more fingers.Another part of the body where small tattoos are acceptable is on the face. There are certain cultures that use blue ink to decorate the face with intricate and swirling designs. This is a tradition that is many thousands of years old. In these cultures this kind of tattooing is regarded as very beautiful. Many women in modern societies greatly admire this practice but they prefer less.It is popular to opt for small designs for the face. A tiny tattoo can be used to highlight a cheekbone. Many people enjoy a tiny star or a heart. There are those who also choose their neck area to display small tattoos.Small tattoo are also appropriate for the ankle. This tattoo can be placed on the inner ankle or outer ankle. Women would normally choose a smaller design than a man. Designs of butterflies, koi and bees are popular choices. The reason is these designs look good when small. They don’t need a lot of detail to make them easily recognizable. These tattoo designs are symbols that are recognized in a single color or with more colors.Most men want more than small tattoo designs. It is women who often want a small single tattoo on the body. If they don’t want to display their tattoo all the time they have their tummy inked. This kind of design looks really cute if just above their low slung jeans. It is an area that can be concealed with clothing when appropriate.Exactly how much ink you want on your body is a personal decision. If you only want small tattoo designs then make sure you place them exactly where you want them. You could use small tattoo designs to accentuate certain parts of your body. A tattoo placed just above your cleavage will highlight that part of the body. Many enthusiasts place smaller tattoos on a foot or wrist.

How to Understand the Historical Relevance in Back Tattoo Designs |

When it comes to your back tattoo designs, there are many for you to choose from so you might find it difficult to pick just one. Any tattoo one has should be special and shouldn’t be there just for the sake of having a tattoo, but rather have a meaning behind it that will remind you of something special. Back tattoo designs come in many different shapes and sizes. It is up to you to decide on what suits you better.The way tattooing is done is also historic. For example, with Maori tattooing, they used to tattoo others using bone chisels and it was one of the most sacred processes, where as traditional native Hawaiian tattooing is done using something known as a moli (an instrument made from the tusk of a hippo). When you have chosen your design from a wide range of designs, make sure it is what you really want.There are many cultures where tribal tattoos come from, but just a few of them are discussed below. Hawaiian tribal tattoo meanings offer you personal identification, where as the talisman tattoos are there to offer protection and can be done as a sign of mourning. There are other Hawaiian designs that are simply worn for adornment. Tribal tattoos are always a great option.When it comes to Native Americans and the back tattoo designs they offer, know that their tribal meanings mainly symbolize certain cultural expressions like those of the cycle of life, one’s relationship to the planet, spirits, protection, blessings, ritual and status.The Polynesian back tattoo designs however represent things like mythologies, tribal ancestors, religious values, traditions, social values, tribe rituals, legends, linguistics, proverbs and more. With Maori back tattoos, should they be tribal, their meanings signify all the important events that take place in one’s life as well as symbolize courage and strength.Your back, whether it is your lower back or not, is one of the most common places to put a tattoo so don’t feel out of place. Many people choose the lower back area to put a tribal tattoo as it looks the best there. Tribal tattoos can be of any size and shape, and its meaning should be significant to you. With the back tattoo designs that are available, you should be able to choose the one that you like best.Your back tattoo designs should be specially designed for you, meaning that you could also design it yourself so that you can personalize it to be significant to you. When you have designed your own tattoo you will feel like you own it more and it will be more unique.Back tattoo designs are there for you to choose from, and if you can’t make up your mind between two designs you might just have to have them both! That is the problem with back tattoo designs. They are so beautiful and significant. Sometimes, it isn’t easy choosing just one of them.

How to Find the Right Characters For Your Tattoo With Chinese Tattoo Designs |

You have probably already encountered a person with Chinese tattoo designs applied somewhere in their body. Like many others, you may already be thinking of the most appropriate Chinese tattoo designs to suit your personality. Among the many design motifs available today, these designs are one of the most popular. For you to be able to appreciate the full complexity and cultural significance of these tattoo designs, however, it is important to return to the roots of Chinese skin art embodied in the form of tattoos.Like many cultures, the peoples of china have long ago discovered the art of tattooing. As early as the first century A.D., Chinese tattoos were already documented in the ancient record books of the country. In the past, these tattoos were used as social markers to distinguish prisoners from the common citizens of the country. Often, the tattoos were placed on the prisoner’s faces as a direct and easily recognizable symbol of the person’s stay in jail.Soon, however, other people began to recognize the aesthetic value of Chinese designs, and the prisoners soon lost the sole claim to tattoos. Instead, soldiers as well as reputable warriors began creating their own designs in order to create images for themselves.Some of the earlier warriors used tattoos to create a more frightening image to help them defeat their enemies psychological before the actual battle even begins. One of the most popular Chinese heroes, a general who was known by the name of Yue Fei, had a tattoo inscribed on his body that declared his absolute and eternal love and service to the motherland.In ancient china, as well as in many other cultures, the army was considered a special sector in society, especially since Chinese history is marked with many long bouts of civil strife and internal conflict. Because of this, the importance of soldiers grew, and once the soldiers and warriors of the land began using Chinese tattoo designs on their body, many others followed suit. The initial stigma that the tattoo was supposed to provoke on the prisoners was lost, and many have since then used the tattoo as a way of intimately personalizing their bodies.Today, Chinese tattoo designs hold a special appeal for many tattoo enthusiasts, because Chinese characters are not only profoundly symbolic, but because of the artistry that is involved in replicating these characters on a person’s skin. The Chinese language contains thousands upon thousands of symbols that are used to signify everything from the most mundane to the most divine.Because of this, many tattoo enthusiasts who are looking for ways to immortalize special beliefs and ideals on their own flesh are turning to the Chinese tattoo designs as a way of finding, literally, the right words for what they believe, what they feel, what they have experienced.Aside from the symbolic value of Chinese tattoo designs is the aesthetic benefits. With an experienced tattoo artist, a single Chinese character can be made into such fanciful and artistic designs that will provide not only meaning to your skin art, but beauty as well. This is one of the reason why Chinese tattoo designs have quickly become one of the most popular tattoo options today.