How Tribal Back Tattoos Began |

Not many people are aware of the origin of the word “tattoo”. It is in fact Tahitian and it means “to mark”. The word comes directly from the Tahitian word “tatua”. It makes no difference what culture you are from or where in the world you are situated, getting tribal back tattoos is very popular. This ancient art form is carried out with the use of needles and different colored ink. However, tribal back tattoos are usually done in black.Tribal back tattoos are very striking and take up large portions of skin. People from all walks of life are having their backs adorned with tribal tattoos. There are very few individuals who do not admire a beautifully executed tattoo over a small or a large expanse of skin. Both men and women are turning to tattoo to beautify their bodies. They are doing this to not only adorn themselves but also to make a personal statement. It has to be said that those who turn to tribal back tattoos really do love ink on skin. There are different kinds of tribal tattoos because there are so many different tribes in the world. However, the most popular ones in the west are Celtic and Polynesian tribal tattoos.In the west, Celtic they are so popular because a great many people are actually of Celtic descent. Their tattoos look beautiful and have great cultural significance. Thousands of years ago Celtic craftsmen started carving out their intricate designs. It is true they did absorb outside influences as cultures touched and even intermingled throughout history. However, what is important is that a definite Celtic style emerged that is greatly admired and has endured for thousands of years.The Polynesian style of tribal back tattoos appears as black silhouettes and looks more like waves than being intricate. It was due to sailors traveling around the world that the art of tattoo made its way to all four corners of the earth. The sailors were so captivated by tattoo designs they had them placed on their bodies. When they returned home they were walking forms of art.Others saw their tribal back tattoos and spread the word. The first tattoo studio was set up in the US by a person who had seen how the Japanese went about their tribal or traditional tattoo. The Japanese indulged in intricate back tattoos. They also tattooed sacred text onto their bodies. The Japanese method of tattoo was taken back to the US where it was used until modern methods were developed. Then the tables were turned. The modern method of tattooing used in the US was seen by the Japanese. They took the US method back to Japan. Using the modern method when doing tribal back tattoos is a lot easier and quicker.Tribal back tattoos from around the world are highly favored by men because of the strong design. These designs are considered as an important part of being macho in many tribal societies. However, in this day and age both men and women can more or less do as they please without any interference. Tribal back tattoos are admired by both genders.