How to Decide Where to Put Small Tattoo Designs |

Not everybody wants tattoos that are highly noticeable. This is why many choose small tattoo designs. There are many designs that are perfect for the smaller tattoo. Designs that are precisely executed will look good no matter whether they are large or small.It must be remembered that small tattoo designs are actually best for certain areas. If you think about a small tattoo right in the middle of your back it becomes obvious this will not work very well. In such a place smaller designs will be completely lost in a big expanse of flesh. However, if you place the exact same tattoo on your lower back or neck it should immediately look more balanced.Balance is very important. Tattoo artists are well aware that small designs, no matter how attractive, have to be placed in such a way they look in proportion to that part of the body. There are specific parts of the body that must have smaller tattoos. There are a lot of people who sport finger tattoos. Instead of a ring they have a tattoo. These kinds of designs can be plain or intricate and they can be inked onto one or more fingers.Another part of the body where small tattoos are acceptable is on the face. There are certain cultures that use blue ink to decorate the face with intricate and swirling designs. This is a tradition that is many thousands of years old. In these cultures this kind of tattooing is regarded as very beautiful. Many women in modern societies greatly admire this practice but they prefer less.It is popular to opt for small designs for the face. A tiny tattoo can be used to highlight a cheekbone. Many people enjoy a tiny star or a heart. There are those who also choose their neck area to display small tattoos.Small tattoo are also appropriate for the ankle. This tattoo can be placed on the inner ankle or outer ankle. Women would normally choose a smaller design than a man. Designs of butterflies, koi and bees are popular choices. The reason is these designs look good when small. They don’t need a lot of detail to make them easily recognizable. These tattoo designs are symbols that are recognized in a single color or with more colors.Most men want more than small tattoo designs. It is women who often want a small single tattoo on the body. If they don’t want to display their tattoo all the time they have their tummy inked. This kind of design looks really cute if just above their low slung jeans. It is an area that can be concealed with clothing when appropriate.Exactly how much ink you want on your body is a personal decision. If you only want small tattoo designs then make sure you place them exactly where you want them. You could use small tattoo designs to accentuate certain parts of your body. A tattoo placed just above your cleavage will highlight that part of the body. Many enthusiasts place smaller tattoos on a foot or wrist.